Month: May 2017

How Long Does Receiving Dental Implants Take?

Replacing missing teeth can improve not only your appearance, but your overall oral health as well. We recommend a long-lasting alternative to traditional dentures and bridges: dental implants. How long does receiving dental implants take? How much time is needed to obtain a strong and sturdy implant-supported prosthetic?

Do You Qualify For Implant Placement?

We often speak with patients interested in replacing their lost teeth with implants, but aren’t sure if they’re viable candidates. What makes a patient qualify for dental implants? We’re going to look at a few factors that can decide if this is the best choice for addressing minor or advanced tooth loss.

Do You Need An Implant And Crown?

What should you do if you lose a single tooth? In the past, a dental bridge would be your only option. However, we can now replace single missing tooth with a lifelike dental implant. Do you need an implant and crown? What does placing one and maintaining it involve?

FAQs About Implant Bridges

Many people assume replacing multiple missing teeth with dental implants means placing a single tooth implant one at a time. However, we can use multiple posts to secure a prosthetic, such as a denture and yes, even a dental bridge. Doing so can provide greater stability, as well as a host of other benefits. Do… Read more »

5 Benefits Of Implant Dentures

We’ve discussed single tooth dental implants multiple times. We use these options to replace a single missing tooth one at a time. But what about cases of advanced tooth loss? Fortunately, we can help restore the function and appearance of your smile with implant-retained dentures. Implant dentures offer a number of different benefits.