Month: July 2017

Do You Need An Implant Or A Bridge?

Losing a single tooth can have an embarrassing gap in your smile. In addition, tooth loss can lead to misalignment and the loss of jawbone density, which further increases the risk of tooth loss. We have a number of options for replacing missing teeth, including dental bridges and dental implants. Which one is right for… Read more »

How Do You Prevent Further Tooth Loss?

Have you lost one or more teeth? If so, then understand that without treatment you can continue to lose your natural teeth, exacerbating complications and leading to serious problems, such as difficulty eating or even an aged appearance. How do you prevent further tooth loss?

Implants Vs. Removable Dentures

Losing a majority of your teeth can be embarrassing and a source of serious oral health complications. However, a full prosthetic can be used to replace your lost teeth. But which option should you use, the traditional removable option or one secured with dental implants?

How Do You Care For Your Implants?

We often compare dental implants to natural teeth due to their durability, security, and lifelike appearance. But does the comparison still hold up when it comes to routine maintenance? In many respects, you will care for your new teeth the same way you should your natural ones.