Month: December 2017

How Does An Implant Act Like A New Tooth Root?

A dental bridge is held in place with crowns, and removable full and partial dentures rely on natural suction and metal clasps to stay in place. But what about dental implants? Unlike bridges and dentures, these can actually act like new tooth roots, providing more lifelike and longer lasting tooth replacement options.

How Does Tooth Loss Lead To Poor Oral Health?

When a patient comes to us with one or more missing teeth, we usually prescribe dental implants to provide a strong and long-lasting tooth replacement option. Few people understand just how tooth loss can impact your overall health. In today’s blog, we’re going to offer an informative quiz on the subject.

What Habits Can Lead To Tooth Loss?

When a patient loses a tooth, we recommend dental implants to help avoid the onset of serious complications, which can include trouble eating, difficulties speaking, or even an aged appearance. However, with proper care and attention you can help reduce your risk of losing teeth. What habits lead to tooth loss? What steps should you… Read more »