Dental Implant-Supported Bridgework

Dental bridges are often effective for replacing single lost teeth, but are also beneficial for patients who’ve lost more than one tooth that are next to each other. A bridge consists of one or more lifelike replacement teeth, also known as pontics, that fill the empty space by replacing the teeth you’ve lost. A bridge is supported by dental crowns on either side, which are traditionally placed on the healthy teeth next to the gap in your smile (referred to as abutment teeth). Instead of using healthy teeth, however, Dr. Miller can place your bridge on two strategically placed dental implants, preserving the healthy teeth that you still retain.

The Benefits of Implants & Bridges

Even though abutment teeth are healthy, modifying them to support a bridge’s dental crowns can leave the teeth structurally weaker and at risk for damage and decay. The benefits of an implant-supported bridge include preserving more of your natural, healthy smile as well as restoring your bite function. Implant-supported bridgework may be coupled with other implant-supported prostheses, depending on the unique pattern and severity of your tooth loss.


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