How to Qualify for Dental Implant Placement

Due to their unique ability to osseointegrate with your jawbone and perform as a prosthetic root, and because they can be combined to support any number of replacement teeth, implants are often the optimal tooth replacement option. But before you can receive implants, your jawbone, remaining teeth, gums, and other oral tissue must be healthy.  A thorough examination will reveal if any issues need to be addressed before Dr. Miller can recommend implant placement, and what treatment you may need before qualifying.

If you have an existing dental condition:

Tooth decay, the most common dental health issue, can erode the teeth surrounding your dental implants, which can lead to more severe issues that could threaten the success of your implants. Gum disease, one of the most common dental health issues, can erode the periodontal tissues and jawbone structure that support your teeth and dental implants. If you exhibit either of these dental issues, then Dr. Miller will recommend an appropriate treatment plan to address it before you qualify for dental implant placement.

If your jawbone has lost some of its density:

If you do have severe periodontal disease, or if it’s been a while since you’ve lost teeth, then your jawbone may have lost some of its strength and density. If so, then the foundation may not be strong enough to support your dental implant posts, and Dr. Miller might suggest a prerequisite procedure such as jawbone grafting to strengthen it.


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